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What We're Thankful For in St. Charles, IL

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect on everything that you are thankful for. There are countless qualities of St. Charles, IL that make it such a wonderful city to be apart of, with an extraordinary community. This week, the St. Charles Business Alliance took some time to reflect on some of the reasons we love St. Charles, and what we are most grateful for around town.

Jenna Sawicki - Executive Director

Photos Courtesy of the St. Charles Business Alliance

"I am thankful for our volunteers in St. Charles. We are incredibly lucky to have such passion in this community and our volunteers are top notch. Our volunteers are our guiding lights to keep us on the right path of our mission and I am so grateful."

Laura Purdy - Senior Manager of Tourism and Sales

"I am thankful for all of the amazing restaurants in St. Charles. We have so many diverse restaurants and cuisines here, it makes going out to dinner a unique experience every time!"

Jessica Hudec - Graphic Design Marketing Strategist

"I'm thankful for St. Charles' nice, walkable downtown area that's right off the scenic Fox River. I love that there are so many things to do, but you don't have to travel very far to get there. I enjoy being able to walk down the street and get to everything I need in a matter of minutes. From shopping, dining, and entertainment - it's all right there!"

Nate Wendt - Business Development and Tourism Specialist

"I'm thankful to be a part of a community that is kind, caring and fun. Also thankful for the breweries, who have the best brews I have ever tasted. Lastly, I am thankful for the incredible sushi and Asian restaurants here because I love their food!"

Susan Stark - Events and Finance Admin

"I am thankful for our outdoor dining, live music, great restaurants, breweries, the beautiful Fox River, and of course, the BE YOU statue! I'm thankful for all of these and many other things that make St. Charles truly a unique city!"

Rachael Garland - Marketing Specialist

"This year, I am very thankful for all the small businesses we have here in St. Charles - especially our retail. They continuously create one-of-a-kind shopping experiences and prioritize the community's needs. Whether I'm purchasing soap from Magnolia, a vase from Pep Line, or jewelry from Jean's and a Cute Top Shop, I know I will walk out satisfied and with a product that reflects St. Charles."

Amy Curione - Events Manager

"I'm thankful for the dedicated volunteers that help make our St. Charles events such a success. We are lucky to have such passionate and creative people in St. Charles that are kind enough to devote their time to helping make St. Charles a wonderful place to live and visit!"

Nick Lowe - Marketing Content Coordinator

Photos Courtesy of Brigette Burgman Photography

"This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for all the outdoor activities available in St. Charles. We are so fortunate to have such a beautiful bike path along the Fox River, many parks for people to enjoy, and fantastic forest preserves to explore!"

Take some time to think about what you are thankful for in St. Charles, this Thanksgiving. Whether it be the magnificent retail shops, the vibrant outdoors, or the amazing community that we have, there is plenty to be grateful for this year.

From everyone at the St. Charles Business Alliance - we hope you and your family have a safe, and happy Thanksgiving!


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