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The St. Charles Business Alliance is responsible for organizing six major events in Downtown St. Charles. All six events provide beneficial sponsorship opportunities for your business. 

Your sponsorship helps the St. Charles Business Alliance put on amazing events that the community values. We strive to make our events the best they can be and ensure your sponsorship needs are met. We provide detailed sponsorship reports after each event so you can see your return on investment. We could not continue these amazing events without the support of our sponsors and community partners.

Interested in sponsoring an event, or looking for more information regarding sponsorship? Please contact Laura Purdy at (630) 443-3962, or send us a message here.

Take part in the events that bring the community together in Downtown St. Charles!

St Pats 2018 1059.jpg

St. Patrick's Parade

STC Art 2019_0275.jpg

Fine Art Show

Photo Jul 08, 6 03 00 PM_edited.jpg

STC Live!


Jazz Weekend


Scarecrow Weekend


Holiday Homecoming

We need your support today!

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