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5 New Year's Resolutions to Achieve in St. Charles

The start of a new year means the start of new goals. It's a popular tradition to have a few ambitions that you want to accomplish in the upcoming year, whether it be learning a new skill, creating better habits, or to connect more with loved ones - just to name a few. St. Charles is a wonderful community to reach your objectives, with plenty of resources to help along the way. Take a look below at some popular resolutions, and how you can achieve them in this town!

Appreciate the Arts

One of the aspects that makes this city so special is the vibrant art scene that calls St. Charles home. Whether it's the performance arts or the visual arts, there are plenty of opportunities to experience both. Spend an evening catching a show at one of the many theatres in town, like the Arcada Theatre, Moonlight Theatre, Marquee Youth Stage or Steel Beam Theatre. You can witness an excellent theatrical performance, musical performance, or even hilarious comedy acts!

If it's visual arts that you'd like to admire, take a trip to visit the 116 Gallery - a premier art gallery in the Chicagoland area, or Fine Line Creative Arts Center to view the works of talented artists at their exhibits. You can also view the 180 pieces of public art throughout the city, or one of the gorgeous murals in the downtown area. If you want to simultaneously get your steps in and learn information about some of the public art in town, take our Public Arts Tour hosted on the Travel St. Charles App!

Practice More Green Habits

Sure, exploring and spending time outdoors is loads of fun, but it's important to be conscious of the environment while you do so. This year, make it a point to practice more green habits, and help conserve the wonderful nature that we have here in St. Charles. This could be something as simple as riding your bike to work one day a week instead of driving (and if you need a bike, the experts at Sammy's Bikes or The Bike Rack can help you out). It's also great practice that if you're planning on having meal outdoors at a local park or forest preserve, that you make sure you clean up after yourself afterwards and leave no trash or packaging behind.

Did you know: 20,000 liters of water are needed to produce one kilogram of cotton, and in 2017 the United States generated more than 16 million tons of textile waste! (data according to Alliance for Sustainability). So, instead of always purchasing new, try recycle and reuse second-hand goods! There are many consignment shops such as Double Take Consignment or SG Too Consignment, and antique stores like Circa Vintage Gallery or Antique Market 1. Even Jeans & A Cute Top Shop has a pre-loved section where you can get incredible clothing at a great price! For more ways that you can practice sustainability, please view our Sustainable Travel Page!

Volunteer in the Community

The benefits of volunteering are countless. Not only are you doing a good deed, helping out your community, but it's also a great way to meet new people and to have some fun, too! The St. Charles Business Alliance is a volunteer-based organization who is always looking for enthusiastic individuals to assist us with our mission. Whether it be on one of our four different committees (Marketing & Promotions, Organizational, Business and Development, or Events), or volunteering your time to help at one of the many events we put in throughout the year, there's always a way that you can get involved. To find out how you can get involved in the St. Charles Business Alliance, please click here.

How Do You Prefer to Spend New Years Eve in St. Charles?

  • Going to a Party at a Local Business

  • Dining Out at a Local Restaurant in Town

  • Relaxing at Home Practicing Self-Care

  • Spending the Final Hours of 2023 Outside

Pick Up a New Hobby

Is there an activity that you've always wanted to try, but just never got around to doing it? If this sounds like you, this year is a better time than ever to dive into a new hobby! Itching to spend some more time outdoors? Make a trip to Dick Pond Athletics to purchase some fantastic active wear, and then head to the Fox River Trail to take a walk or jog. Would you rather get out on the water? This year, try kayaking the beautiful Fox River. If you want to try it out first to see if you like it, you can rent a kayak from Riverview Miniature Golf Course.

If the outdoor elements are not for you and you'd rather pick an indoor hobby, there are options in St. Charles for that, too! Ever dreamed of becoming a musician? Take lessons at Hunt House Creative Arts Center - a music and arts school in the heart of downtown. Maybe you're lover of craft beer? Why not try brewing yourself? You can get all the supplies you need to homebrew at Broken Brix Homebrew Shop. Plus, you can enjoy a libation while you're there! These are just a few examples of the abundance of hobbies you can enjoy in this city.

Re-Imagine Your Living Space

Photo #1 Courtesy of The Pep Line, Photo #2 Courtesy of House of Charlemagne

Nothing feels better than a clean, redecorated room. Especially if you've been meaning to do some refurnishing, the start of a new year is an exceptional time to make that change! Your room should fit your personality and be a style that you love to be in. You'd be surprised how far a little redecorating can go for your overall mood. If you need some new help, The Pep Line, House of Charlemagne, and Trend + Relic are great places to stop, filled with unique items and expert staff to help you along the way.

Why not add some plants to your space? Not only do they look good, but they have been proven to help improve mood and reduce stress. If you need a new plant pet to look after, Heinz Greenhouse Garden Center has an excellent selection to choose from, and terrific outdoor products so you can start getting prepared for the warm weather to come.

Do you still have friends and family that you still need to get holiday presents for? This year, the St. Charles Business Alliance has made it easy with our Holiday Gift Guide. Showcasing 40 stores and their incredible products, this resource is sure to make shopping a breeze!


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