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Murals in Downtown St. Charles, IL

Get your camera ready and discover the five vibrant murals in downtown St. Charles, IL. These murals display positive affirmations, bright colors, and showcase the elements of this city that help make it so great. Take a look and see for yourself! 

All five of these murals are designed by New York artist Steffi Lynn. Steffi's work is filled with quirkiness, color and character. She is driven to take normal scenes and moments and make them playful, exciting and enticing. Her work is inspired by everyday things, reactions and feelings, and simple imagery from her imagination or nature.


Enjoy New Murals Throughout St. Charles, IL

Welcome to St. Charles

214 S. 1st Street, St. Charles, IL 60174

Meet Me At The Fox.jpg

Meet Me at the Fox

51 S. 1st Street, St. Charles, IL 60174

Radiate Positivity.jpg

Radiate Positivity

7 S. 2nd Avenue, St. Charles, IL 60174

You Made It 2.jpg

You Made It!

311 N. 2nd Street, St. Charles, IL 60174

You Look Good 2.jpg

You Look Good

16 S. Riverside Ave, St. Charles, IL 60174

Instagrammable Spots Tour

Does your Instagram need a face lift? Take part in our Instagrammable Spots Tour to find the very best photo-worthy spots around Downtown St. Charles, IL including the colorful murals above.

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