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The Made in St. Charles program showcases the inspired creators that bring their visions to life. Through the magnificent products that they create, these businesses are instrumental in shaping St. Charles into what it is today. 

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Makers represent what it means to create locally and to incorporate the spirit of St. Charles in everything they do. These one-of-a-kind businesses provide authentic experiences to consumers, offering unique products found only in this city.

Their passion is expressed through what they produce, and it shines through the individuals that use them. We encourage everyone to visit these establishments and see for yourself why these local businesses help set St. Charles apart. 


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While St. Charles may be a small dot on the map, it is a mighty town full of innovation, creativity and passion. Our businesses know how to create industry changers, high-quality, outstanding products, and ingenuity to create unique solutions to industrial challenges.

The Made in St. Charles - Industrial program shines the spotlight on St. Charles industrial businesses that don't settle for the ordinary, but push for the extraordinary. We celebrate the companies that take fresh ideas and concepts and turn them into products that impact not just St. Charles, but the entire world.

Nominations for the Made in St. Charles - Industrial program are being accepted until April 1, 2023. Below is information on the program and the nomination process. 

Who can be nominated for the Made in St. Charles program?
To be considered for the Made in St. Charles - Industrial Program, a business must embody the personal spirit of St. Charles, demonstrating through their work and products what makes our city so unique.

They must also have the following qualifications:

  • Located in St. Charles, IL.

  • Must have a brick-and-mortar business with a physical address in St. Charles.

  • Produces crafts, products, and wares in St. Charles.

  • Extra credence will be given to companies that have unique and impactful products.

Examples of Made in St. Charles - Industrial include:

  • Manufacturers

  • Metal & Workshop Artisans

  • Chemical Laboratories & Producers

  • Food and Food Packaging


Made in St. Charles - Industrial Program

Thank You for Applying!

Criteria and Guidelines for Recommendations
Industrial Makers come in a variety of categories, and, upon confirmation, can be featured on the Made in St. Charles Industrial Program. While each industrial business is unique, they all share the same quality and dedication to the St. Charles community spirit and values. To help bring out that quality, we are using these guidelines when considering inclusion in the program:

The maker must reside in Illinois. Some materials and production may be outsourced, but operations and final product distribution must take place in St. Charles.

Makers must have a brick-and-mortar business in St. Charles. Online businesses that are located in St. Charles are not applicable. 

Please note on all applications locally sourced materials used when creating your products. The more history and personality behind your business, the better.

The St. Charles Business Alliance's Business Development and Sales Committee will carefully review all nominations and select those that best meet the criteria. Inclusion in the Made in St. Charles program is at the sole discretion of the STCBA and the BDS Committee.

For more information, please contact Nate Wendt at 630-443-3963, or send us a message by clicking here

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Broken Brix Winery & Cidery was established in 2018. It is the newest addition to the Homebrew Shop that has been in St. Charles since 1990. Broken Brix Winery & Cidery offers a wide range of beverages including wine, mead, and cider that are made in-house. They also feature import and local brews, and other wine producers.

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Mad Batter Bakery & Confections is a full-service bakery and confectionery that has called downtown St. Charles home since October of 2021. Offering donuts, pastries, and other products from vendors that they enjoy, Mad Batter quickly became a fan-favorite in the community, making it a staple here in this city. 

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Gindo's Spice of Life has been adding flavor to the St. Charles community since they came to Illinois from California in 2015. What started out as an obsession for making the perfect wing sauce, turned into creating an incredible business that  produces handcrafted, flavorful hot sauces using fresh, quality ingredients. 

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Campbell Creations offers unique, hand-crafted charcuterie boards that are made by the owner, Bill Campbell, who has been creating art for over 30 years. Their products are not only perfect for beautifully displaying fine meats and cheeses, but as a work of art that can be hung up and admired, as well.

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Since opening in St. Charles in June of 2021, Magnolia Soap and Bath Co. has been offering handmade, plant-based soaps, bath products, candles and more. Their products are created right in the shop, using naturally grown ingredients free of any harsh chemicals or dyes. 

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Smitty's on the Corner Logo - Edited.png

Smitty's on the Corner has been serving up delectable sandwiches, soups, ice cream and much more to the St. Charles community for over 20 years. You'll taste the difference in their food, as they use only the freshest ingredients, and the highest-grade meats and cheeses. 

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