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2022 Made in St. Charles Recipient: Magnolia Soap and Bath Co.

When COVID hit, everyone was forced to stay inside. Being isolated from friends and family, and having a lack of regular routine was tough on a lot of people. Mandy Buerster realized during this time that she wanted to give back and serve others, and what was really needed by a lot of people was proper self-care. That's when an idea was born.

Photos Courtesy of the St. Charles Business Alliance

Mandy Buerster and her husband have been St. Charles residents for 16 years. Having called St. Charles her home for such a long amount of time, she wanted to be able to give back and serve the community. That's when Magnolia Soap and Bath Co. was created. Magnolia Soap and Bath Co. offers handmade, plant based soaps, candles, bath products, and much more. They eliminate all the unnecessary; they don't use anything that contains dyes, parabens, phthalate, or harsh chemicals. They are so confident in the creation of their products that you can even watch them make them right in the store. Having these products available for purchase, knowing that they are free from any chemicals that sometimes are included in other bath products can make a big impact on one's overall health.

Since opening up Magnolia Soap and Bath Co. Mandy has stayed true to her mission of giving back. Every month, they offer a "Hope in Soap" where all proceeds from the sale goes to a charity that is chosen. She also was able to give away over 1,000 goodie bags to teachers in the D303 school district for teacher appreciation this year. We are so excited to see what Magnolia Soap and Bath Co. will have in store for St. Charles in the upcoming years not only with their products, but with their impactful community efforts, as well.


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