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2022 Made in St. Charles Recipient: Mad Batter Bakery and Confections

Dive down the rabbit hole and explore a new world of baking wonder at Mad Batter Bakery and Confections. That's exactly what it will feel like when you indulge in some of the many fresh-baked goods that they offer. For the owner Kevin O'Connor, being able to continue this passion of practicing baking and serving the community is the driving factor for what they do. Since October of 2021, they've been doing just that, and doing it really well.

Photos Courtesy of the St. Charles Business Alliance

Mad Batter Bakery and Confections is a full-service bakery and confectionary that quickly became a local favorite. They strive to cater to all custom orders and events, as there is nothing that they won't try and do to satisfy a request to enhance any consumer's experience. Creating products that bring excitement to individuals continues to motivate them every day.

Every community needs a bakery - it's a nostalgic type of business that everyone enjoys. Mad Batter Bakery is proud to be able to accomplish just that in this city. You are sure to be driven as mad as a hatter when you bite into their delectable treats, and we couldn't be more excited to see how they continue to bring joy to St. Charles.


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