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2022 Made in St. Charles Recipient: Smitty's on the Corner

Smitty's on the Corner - a delicious, family-ran, neighborhood cafe that his solidified itself as a staple in St. Charles. It all started when Ann and Smitty were residing in Arizona, and the idea came about to do something simple, and to do it well. Smitty had family in the St. Charles area, and when the building on the corner of Main and Riverside was for lease, they hopped on the opportunity. They secured the lease, and 12 hours later their house in Arizona was sold and their journey to Illinois began. Before they knew it, Smitty's on the Corner had become an absolute favorite in the community.

Photos Courtesy of the St. Charles Business Alliance

Smitty's on the Corner serves fantastic sandwiches, soups, ice cream, and more. They focus on using the freshest ingredients, and the highest grade meats and cheeses. The sandwiches will make your mouth-water, but the pickle that you get with it quickly became a fan favorite. Smitty found a family recipe for pickles that is over 100 years old that is simple, but delectable. They decided to give-it-a-go at the cafe, and sure enough, people loved it. They now find themselves pickling every other week.

Many people view Smitty's on the Corner a backbone of the community. However, to Ann and Smitty, it's the other way around. They expressed that the relationships they've been able to develop with the people in this city have been incredible, and it's truly the people that make St. Charles so unique.


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