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Keep the Fiesta Going in St. Charles with the Tortilla Tour!

Even if it's not Taco Tuesday, that doesn't mean that you can't celebrate with Mexican food! In fact, here at the St. Charles Business Alliance, we would argue that any day of the week is ideal for Mexican food. To celebrate the all the outstanding Mexican cuisine that we have in town, we are thrilled to announce that we've launched a brand-new self-guided tour on the FREE Travel St. Charles App: The Tortilla Tour. Not only will this tour take you around to some of most mouthwatering Mexican restaurants around, but once completed, you'll be able to pick up an exclusive bottle of Gindo's hot sauce! Click on one of the menu items below to get started!

Getting Started


We know, we know - you're hungry and you just can't wait to get out your hands on some Mexican food. However, before you get started, it's important to make sure that you download our FREE Travel St. Charles App and create an account. Doing this is required for the Tortilla Tour - and you'll be amazed on how valuable of resource for St. Charles it is - showcasing dining, shopping, things to do, and so much more.

How to Participate

Now that you have the Travel St. Charles App downloaded and your account made, the fun can officially begin! When you arrive at your first Mexican Restaurant to order your meal, you are going to want to bring up the app on your phone. From here, locate that "Challenges Tab" and select the "Tortilla Tour". Then, choose the restaurant you are dining at and then hit "Check In". That's it! Once you've dined at and "Checked Into" 6 or more of the participating restaurant, you then will be able to pick up your bottle of hot sauce from the St. Charles Municipal Building! Remember, you do not have to finish the entire tour in a day. You can complete the tour over any given period of time.

What's Your Favorite Meal to Get Mexican Food?

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

  • Happy Hour

Your Guide to Completing the Tortilla Tour in 3 Days


12 stops. 3 days. Countless flavors. To celebrate the launch of the "Tortilla Tour", we are going to walk you through how you can visit all the participating Mexican Restaurants in just 3 days. While you do not have to complete the tour in 3 days, and you can go in whichever order you'd like, this is a fun guide that will take to all the stops! We hope you've brought your appetite, because this is going to be a food journey that you won't forget.

Day 1


Breakfast at Taco Urbano

To begin the "Tortilla Tour", your first stop will be at Taco Urbano for a wonderful breakfast taco! Situated inside The Pride Store, you can savor their breakfast tacos, which offer a variety of meat choices on a corn, flour, or hard tortilla, accompanied by a fried egg, breakfast potatoes, and cheese. If you're not feeling a burrito, you can opt for their breakfast burritos or breakfast tortas, instead!

Lunch at Salsa Verde

Photos Courtesy of Salsa Verde

Next up on the "Tortilla Tour" is a delightful midday meal at Salsa Verde. When it comes to lunch, a sandwich is often the first thing that pops into your head. So, order their Al Pastor Torta, served with lettuce, tomato, mayo, beans, and avocado, along with a side of rice and beans. Don't forget to get a side of chips and salsa for dipping into their cheesy queso or renowned salsa verde!

Dinner at El Puente

For the first dinner on this culinary journey we couldn't think of a more fitting spot than a restaurant that has been in St. Charles since 1999 - El Puente. This eatery has earned a significant place in the community, not only for their delectable dishes but also the way they make you feel like family from the moment you step inside. Feast on their Steak Quesadilla for dinner, packed with grilled green peppers, onions, and melted Mexican cheese. For the complete El Puente experience, wash down your meal with one of their famous Margaritas!

Extra Stop at Burrito Los Azaderos

Photos Courtesy of Burrito Los Azaderos

Before you're ready to call it a night, take an evening visit to Burrito Los Azaderos for a late-night snack. Treat yourself to scrumptious shareable options like their Nachos Supreme, garnished with cheese, onion, tomato, olives, and sour cream, or their flavorful Shrimp Cocktail! Complement your meal with a refreshing Jarritos or a tequila beverage from their diverse drink menu for the perfect conclusion to Day 1.

Day 2


Breakfast at Taco Madre

Photos Courtesy of Taco Madre

As the sun starts to rise on Day 2 of the "Tortilla Tour", that's your sign to head on over to Taco Madre for some breakfast. Their breakfast burritos are the perfect food to kick-start your day, with tasty options like bacon, egg, and cheese, or their potato, egg, and cheese that you you'll be itching to indulge in. To add a touch of sweetness to your morning, enjoy a refreshing horchata now available for purchase by the jug!

Photos Courtesy of Dave's Burritos

Back-to-back burritos? Yes, please! For your lunch stop, stroll over to Dave's Burritos to try one of their famous burritos! You'll have a wide-variety of meats to choose from, including steak, chicken, and pastor. For your side, order their Elotes, which is corn covered in mayo, cheese, and powdered chile! This popular Mexican street vendor food is certainly a crowd favorite, and will soon to be your favorite, as well!

For tonight's dinner, we're going to head to La Mesa Modern Mexican for some Mexican food with a delicious twist! One of the many great features of La Mesa (aside from their wonderful margaritas), is their selection of unique tacos. Trust us, ordering your tacos isn't going to be easy, with 12 different choose from like their Barbacoa with beef brisket, queso fresco and onion straws, or their Elote Crusted Shrimp that comes with slaw, Magno Pico, Lime Aioli & Cilantro.

Extra Stop at Jalapeno Grill

We have one more stop for you on Day 2 before you head home for the evening - Jalapeno Grill! Since 2003, this vibrant eatery has been a fan favorite in the community, and it's no surprise why - both the ambience and the food are terrific. Order some late night Tachos Nachos that come with a cheese sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, guacamole, and jalapenos, and enjoy it on their patio area under their string lights while admiring the incredible mural-lined walls.

Day 3


Photos Courtesy of Los Burritos Mexicanos

All right - you've reached the final day of the "Tortilla Tour". Throughout this journey, you've uncovered a ton of new flavors, yet there are still so much more to explore! Begin your day on a high note and head for breakfast at Los Burritos Mexicanos! You can order breakfast all day, enjoying traditional Mexican dishes like their Huevas A La Mexicana - scrambled Mexican style eggs with tomato, jalapenos, and onions, or their Huevas Con Jamon - the classic ham and eggs.

Photos Courtesy of El Rayo Burritos Guacamole

Right on the edge of downtown is the vibrant green and red building that serves some of the tastiest Mexican food around - El Rayo Burritos Guacamole. For this lunch, we are going to order the classic steak taco dinner. At El Rayo Burritos Guacamole, their taco dinners come with a side of rice and beans. To drink, wash those tacos dinner with a well-known Mexican beverage: Jamaica (also known as hibiscus water).

Photos Courtesy of Arandas Jalisco's Tacos

For the final dinner on the "Tortilla Tour", make sure to visit Arandas Jalisco's Tacos for either their Flauta Dinner (choice of chicken or shredded beef) served with rice, beans, and a salad, or their Tacos Dorados which are crispy fried tacos that you just have to try for yourself. To take your meal to the next level, you can order a side of chips and guacamole, that's made fresh daily, to compliment your main course.

Photos Courtesy of La Huerta Mexican Grill

Throughout the "Tortilla Tour", you have had the chance to try numerous incredible flavors and explored many fantastic eateries. But, before heading home, there's one more essential stop to make: La Huerta Mexican Grill. If you're still craving more food after dinner, visit the grill area for some tasty food like tacos, tortas, or tamales. If you're too full, La Huerta Mexican Grill is also a market that specializes in Mexican cuisine. You can explore ingredients to try and recreate some of the dishes you tried during the "Tortilla Tour"!

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