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Showcase St. Charles, IL with These Exceptional Local Wedding Favors

There is a lot that goes into planning on wedding: choosing a venue, music, food, photographers - and that's just the tip of the iceberg. One element that you can't forget is to show your appreciation to all who comes by giving out wedding favors! If you're planning to tie the knot in St. Charles, IL, or even if you just have roots in this city, there are plenty of local businesses where you can get fantastic items that everyone will love. Take a look below at some great ideas, plus a sneak preview at the upcoming Illinois Bridal & Wedding Expo!

Photo #1 Courtesy of Broken Brix Winery & Cidery

Broken Brix Winery & Cidery is a staple here in St. Charles, originally opening up their Homebrew Shop in 1990. They craft their own libations in-house, and they are quite acclaimed to say the least (their 2020 Marquette Illinois Reserve recently won double gold at the 2023 Texas International Wine Competition). Selecting a bottle of their wine or cider to give to your loved ones is extremely thoughtful, and you can contact them about adding your wedding logo to the bottle for that extra personalized touch. Everyone's taste buds will be thrilled, and it's the ideal goodie to keep the festivities going!

For an indulgence that's also allergy-conscious, look no further than Brown Butter Cafe & Bakery. Their donuts are free of gluten, nuts, and soy and come in a variety of styles like Blueberry Pancake, Maple Bacon, the Original Salted Brown Butter, and many more! They also can be beautifully decorated (as shown above) in honor of the matrimony. If you choose to go this route, try giving them out the evening beforehand if possible. This way, your company can enjoy one of (or multiple of) these delicious treats the morning before you walk down the aisle!

Photos Courtesy of Gindo's Spice of Life

Add some spice to your ceremony with bottles of award-winning hot sauce from Gindo's Spice of Life. They offer tons of handcrafted fresh options, including year-round offerings like their Original Fresh & Spicy , limited-release offerings like their French Onion, and even unique collaborations with breweries and other businesses so that you're continuing to support local! Ask them about adding your own tailored wrap on the packaging of the bottle so that your guests will always recall the incredible memories of your wedding every time they add the sauce to a dish.

Photos Courtesy of Kilwins

Kilwins has been a fan-favorite for over 75 years for their chocolates, toffees, and of course, their famous Mackinac Island Fudge! Fortunately, we have one of these sought-after shops right here on 1st Street downtown. Another popular treat that they make in-store is "The Perfect" Caramel Apple, and we can't think of a better favor to give out - especially if you're having a fall wedding. All of their products are made with high-quality ingredients and with the original recipes. The flavors from their confections provides a one-of-a-kind experience like none other, and is sure to be a huge hit at your celebration.

What's One Kind of Food that You Just Can't Get Enough Of?

  • Tacos

  • Donuts

  • Pizza

  • Burgers

For the day that revolves all around love, give all in attendance something that they will fall in love with, too! Mad Batter Bakery & Confections creates some remarkable delicacies such as donuts, cupcakes, cakes, and cookies. Call ahead to set up a custom order for your big day! They can create unique cookies with personalized designs specifically for the event. Your family and friends will undoubtedly be impressed with not only the creativity of this present but also with how mouth-watering the sweet treat is!

Photo #1 Courtesy of Magnolia Soap & Bath Co.

What if we told you that your wedding can have it's own unique, custom soap? Well, the great news is you can! At Magnolia Soap & Bath Co., you can contact them for custom plant-based soap - free of any dyes or harsh chemicals. The attendees will appreciate this wellness product and absolutely adore the wonderful aroma! Every time someone gets a whiff of the fragrance they will be instantly transported back to the moment you said "I do". They also offer soy wax candles that are natural, renewable, and vegan - for a little something extra to include.

Photos Courtesy of MION Artisan Soap

MION Artisan Soap has quickly become a favorite in the community for their wellness products made with natural and organic ingredients. Your loved ones will be ecstatic to receive their high-quality soaps or some of the finest bath products knowing that they're made without artificial additives, parabens or preservatives - not to mention the terrific scents! Plus, packaged in a lovely bag with a customized tag makes it the perfect keepsake for your guests to take home.

Photos Courtesy of Rocket Fizz

Rocket Fizz is filled to the brim with thousands of unique candies and over 500 sodas including one's from their exclusive brand, and more that come from various independent craft beverage companies across the nation. Every time you walk through the doors it's an adventure, and you're bound to find treats that you love, one's that will take you down memory lane, and even some that you never thought existed! For a fun token of appreciation, give the gift of a novel drink, a bag of taffy, or an eccentric candy - you're guests will be sure to enjoy it!


Photos Courtesy of the Illinois Bridal & Wedding Expo

It's no secret that planning a wedding can be stressful. In fact, it can even be a little overwhelming. If you need some help or inspiration, head to the Illinois Bridal & Wedding Expo at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center on June 11th from 12:30pm-5pm. Only a 45 minute drive or so from St. Charles, you'll find an ample amount of exhibitors that can help you with all those needs, as well as prizes & giveaways, a fashion show, a live DJ, and much more!

With the STC Six Launch Party coming up on June 14th, there's no better time to experience all six breweries for yourself. Complete the Brew Tour Challenge on the Travel St. Charles App, and win a free, exclusive t-shirt once you've finished! Please remember to drink responsibly!


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