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Tips for Sustainable Travel to St. Charles, IL

  1. Use refillable water bottles and containers

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If you’re coming to St. Charles, using refillable water bottles and containers is a great way to cut down on waste! While plastic water bottles can be recycled, if they aren’t properly disposed of they can cause havoc to local wildlife. If you invest in a reusable, refillable water bottle/container, you’ll be both saving money and the environment by using less plastic!

  1. Pack your food with environmentally friendly packaging

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With the weather warming up and sports and picnics becoming more popular, we understand you might want to bring everything in plastic sandwich bags, but consider using some biodegradable bags, glass containers or reusable packaging/tupperware!

  1. Supporting local business

When you support local business, you are helping the local businesses that support them. Businesses like Gindo’s Spice of Life, Gia Mia – St. Charles, Kava Diem and more use locally grown products, which helps reduce shipping and gas use to bring those products and ingredients to St. Charles!

You can also explore other things made in St. Charles like St. Charles craft brews, charcuterie boards from Campbell Creations, and much more!

  1. Make your trip to St. Charles as walkable as possible

Plan out the trip to make sure you can walk as much as possible! Our Travel App makes that super easy as you can plot where you want to go in St. Charles and can see the distances between each location. There are also fabulous walking tours you can take to find some cool spots in St. Charles.

  1. Grab a bike for traveling around town

Cut down on some gas mileage and bring a bike when you travel to St. Charles. There are plenty of bike paths to get you all over town and the downtown is very bike-friendly with plenty of bike racks to chain up your bike while you visit the businesses. You can also rent a bike from Sammy’s Bike Shop if you need one to travel around town. If you want to find some trails, visit here and plan your bike ride!

  1. Sticking to the path

If you go walking on one of our many trails or in one of our forest preserves, make sure to stick to the path. Going off the beaten path could harm some of the protected flora and fauna out in the areas!

Let’s all do our part to keep St. Charles healthy and clean by responsibly enjoying all it has to offer!


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