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See What’s New at Eden Restaurant and Events

Not only will Eden Restaurant and Events be serving up delicious salmon, but they will have plenty of options at their remodeled space! Check out below for the behind the scenes on their salmon recipe and what Eden is all about!

  1. Where did this recipe come from?

“We created it when we started the restaurant. We tried to make the Mediterranean spices and fuse it with different sauces. It was difficult and we tried so many ways to have that Mediterranean taste accented in it. The pomegranate molasses helps tie that in.”

  1. What’s your favorite memory tied to this recipe?

“This helps remind me of my mom and sister because this is how they would make it.”

  1. What else do you offer?

“Eden features imaginative and elegant cuisine and drinks that everyone can enjoy. We have authentic Mediterranean food that has been crafted from family recipes that have been passed down for generations. We will also be making additions to our menu, which will blend in modern Mediterranean recipes to our already amazing menu.”

4. Ranked with your other recipes, where would this one fall among your recipes and what would be the top three at your restaurant?

  1. Kabobs

  2. Hummus

  3. Grilled Wild Salmon

5. How has St. Charles shaped this recipe?

“All the recipes were created as we tested and refined them thanks to feedback from St. Charles customers. We try to make our things different than what other restaurants are doing and make sure that we are putting quality and fresh ingredients in our dishes.”

Eden will be opening soon once their remodeling is complete. They will have a brand new enclosed patio perfect for live music, events, and nights enjoying Mediterranean cuisine on the Fox River. For more on Eden, visit their website or Facebook page.


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