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15 Ways to Spend Rainy Days in St. Charles, IL

One of the very best things about St. Charles is getting to spend time enjoying the great outdoors. However, when the rain clouds come through, you may need to find some indoor activities as alternatives for you and/or your children. Luckily, St. Charles is filled with things to do around town, staying nice and dry indoors. Take a look below to learn more.

Art Galleries

A perfect way to avoid the rain and to enjoy a reflective afternoon is to admire the works of art at the local art galleries, like 116 Gallery, located within Mixology Salon Spa, or Fine Line Creative Arts Center. 116 Gallery features the works of art from Chicago-based, national, and international artists. And their tranquil space is great for a relaxing activity. After visiting the gallery at Fine Line Creative Arts Center, you can also purchase art materials for your projects at home, and even sign up for classes and workshops to improve your artistic abilities.

Art Studios

Photo 1 Courtesy of Pinot's Palette, Photo 2 Courtesy of Board & Brush

Sure, we know you and your children were looking forward to spending time outdoors, but just because it's raining doesn't mean you can't work on your creativity! Head to All Things Art Studio during their Open Studio time on Sundays from 12pm-4pm, and Wednesdays from 4pm-8pm, to paint with your family and friends on potter, canvas, and more. If you want to paint a specific piece with step by step guidance, view Pinot's Palette's calendar beforehand and find the piece you want to create! Their expert instructors will walk you step by step until you've completed your masterpiece. For a unique craft, Board & Brush will teach you how to make a wooden sign, making it convenient as they provide all the supplies you need without worrying about making a mess in your own home.

Photos Courtesy of Charlestowne Cinema 18

You could argue that the best time to watch a movie is during a rainy day, staying warm and dry enjoying the screening. Don't the rain stop you from experiencing the latest box office hits, and take a trip to Charlestowne Cinema 18. Their 18 screen movie theatre offers reclining seats to ensure comfortability, and after one bite of that movie theatre popcorn, your mood will have changed to bright and sunny skies!

Coffee Shops

Photo 1 Courtesy of Maple Leaf Coffee House

Sometimes, all that sounds good on a rainy day is getting cozy and snuggling up with a good book, a warm drink, and a tasty baked good. If this sounds like you, you can still do this while getting out of the house by heading to a Coffee Shop in town. With options like Coroco Coffee, Arcedium Coffeehouse, and Maple Leaf Coffee House located all downtown, you have plenty of spots that offer a great ambience, and an even better beverage. So, grab that newest novel and a warm drink, and have yourself an afternoon full of comfort and relaxation.

Photos Courtesy of Fox Den Cooking

Savoring a tasty dish and learning to improve your culinary skills? Sign us up! At Fox Den Cooking, you can learn to make a mouthwatering dish from their class schedule, with their experts guiding you along the way. Offering classes for both adults and kids, it doesn't matter what age or skill level you are at to start refining your skills. Be sure to come hungry because you'll get to eat everything that you make!

Yes, if you're looking to get a little bit of gardening done, the rain is not ideal. However, that doesn't mean that you can't get some fresh ideas for your outdoor space! Take a trip to Heinz Greenhouse Garden Center where you can browse an abundance of plants, many of which are indoors. They also frequently have different workshops and events, where you can learn tips and tricks on how to become an even better gardener.

Photos Courtesy of the St. Charles Park District

While it's an absolute blast visiting Hickory Knolls Discovery Center when the weather is nice - exploring the trails and admiring the wildlife and natural areas. However, you can still have a great time, learning about all of this indoors! Hickory Knolls Discovery Center often has events and specialty programs for children, and wonderful exhibits that can be viewed all while inside. They even offer adult education classes once a year starting in January.

Indoor Recreation Facilities

Photo 1 Courtesy of the St. Charles Park District, Photo 2 Courtesy of Mike's Golf Center

When the weather outside isn't going your way but you really want to find an alternative to stay active indoors, turn to one of the indoor recreational facilities in town like Fieldhouse by the Fox or Sportsplex. Both of these spots offer versatile recreational space that you can rent in order to play a sport, activity, or simply just stretch the legs. Contact each establishment ahead of time for inquiries on space availability. If it's your golf swing that you're trying to get into "hole-in-one" shape, visit Mike's Golf Center, where you can use their simulators to visit the driving range, or even choose from over 150,000 courses to play! Nothing will dust those cobwebs off your swing better than playing a round at Augusta National!

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Photos Courtesy of iPanic Escape Room

If you're seeking a thrilling challenge on this rainy day, look no further than iPanic Escape Room. It has all the elements for an exciting experience to enjoy with friends and family. Through teamwork, you'll tackle puzzles and uncover clues to escape the room. With a range of themed rooms available to play, there's something to spark everyone's interest!

Photos Courtesy of Magnolia Soap & Bath Co.

Looking for a unique activity that you can do with your friends indoors? We've got the perfect one for you - Soap Pouring at Magnolia Soap & Bath Co. You can view offerings here, in order to set up your very own private Soap Pouring Party! They also offer Bath Bomb Parties, Shower Steamer Parties, and Candle Pouring Parties, too. As always, their products only contain high quality ingredients, are plant-based, and are free from any harsh chemicals.

Photo 1 Courtesy of Brigette Burgman of Nomadic Soul Photography, Photo 2 Courtesy of St. Charles Bowl

A trip to the bowling alley on a rainy day is always a strike. St. Charles Bowl is the premier bowling alley in the Fox Valley Area, with 24 lanes, arcade games, and billiards for you to play? Work up an appetite? The Spare Time Bar & Grill is located inside the bowling alley, where you can get some food to ensure that the fun keeps rolling!

During this less-than-ideal weather, seize the opportunity to explore the history of our city at the St. Charles History Museum. With over 10,000 photos and 15,000 artifacts, their collection serves as a remarkable resource to discover St. Charles' beginnings. Before you leave, don't forget to visit the Curious Fox Gift Shop and grab a special St. Charles memento!

Photos Courtesy of the St. Charles Public Library

One of the treasures in every town is the public library - in St. Charles, that's no exception. The St. Charles Public Library is a top destination for a rainy day, with all the books, media, and more that you could want at your very fingertips. The best part is, if you're a St. Charles resident, you can get a FREE library card to be able to check-out what you're looking for. The library is also filled with comfy seating, and a quite ambience so you can dive into that book you've been meaning to read. Plus, they frequently host events and even concerts for you to enjoy!


One of the many aspects that make St. Charles so great are the theatres in town. Whether you're looking to be entertained by the performing arts, listen to a talented musician, or laugh with hysterical comedians, you'll find all that in St. Charles. When you take a trip to Moonlight Theatre, Arcada Theatre, Marquee Youth Stage, Steel Beam Theatre, or Hunt House Creative Arts Center, you can be certain you'll get to enjoy fantastic entertainment all while staying warm indoors.

What if we told you that one of the very best playgrounds is actually indoors. With a trip to Urban Air Adventure Park, your kids will quickly forget all about the bad weather. This indoor adventure park is filled to the brim with different attractions for kids to play on, like performance trampolines, climbing walls, go-kart tracks, and more. If the kids need to refuel with some food, there is a cafe conveniently located in the park so that you can grab a bite to eat.

Additional Indoor Activities: Dining & Shopping

But wait, the fun doesn't stop yet! In addition to the delightful activities above that are suitable for a rainy day, St. Charles is home to a wide array of wonderful dining and shopping options, ideal for having an unforgettable time while avoiding the poor weather.

Have you decided that you want to catch a live music performance on this rainy day? Click here to view our Weekly Live Music Page, highlighting great performances taking place at local venues throughout town.


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