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10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in St. Charles, Illinois

It's no secret that St. Charles is a beautiful city. From the Fox River and the trails to the forest preserves and the parks, this town is filled with breathtaking features. However, none of this would be possible without Mother Earth, so it's important to take care of her - and all of that starts at home. With Earth Day being on April 22nd, here are 10 ways you can celebrate the day in St. Charles, Illinois, and make a positive impact on our planet, too!

1. Bike to Work or School

If you don't live too far from your workplace or your school, try picking a day or two this week to take your bike instead of your vehicle. Not only is it good for the environment by reducing carbon emissions, but you'll also find that it's a top-notch way to kick-start your day! If you'd like to get into biking, but don't have one and you're not sure where to start, head over to Sammy's Bikes or The Bike Rack in St. Charles, who can help you find the perfect ride and can answer any questions you may have about cycling.

2. Start Your Own Garden at Home

First Photo Courtesy of Brigette Burgaman of Nomadic Soul Photography and Second Photo Courtesy of Trellis Farm & Garden

Food always tastes better when you grow it yourself. On top of that, the growth of plants releases oxygen into the air, and also provides nutrients to animals - making this a great way to support our Earth. Stop by one of the gardening shops in town, like Heinz Greenhouse Gardening Center or Trellis Farm & Garden, and get the plants and materials to start your own garden at home. Whether you're looking to grow fresh fruits or veggies, or if you're just looking to grow beautiful flowers and plants, they'll have what you need.

3. Focus on Buying Local

First Photo Courtesy of Brigette Burgman of Nomadic Soul Photography and Second Photo Courtesy of Boutique Baby

The next time you're thinking about running out to buy something from one of the big chain stores or large online retailers, ask yourself, "can I purchase this from a local shop in my community?" If the answer is yes, choose the local route. Shopping local reduces your carbon footprint and it supports your amazing hometown business owners. This week especially, really focus on buying at least one or two things that you would normally buy from a large retailer, and choose to visit an independent shop in town instead - even a small step can make a huge difference.

4. Exercise While Enjoying the Trails

The trails in St. Charles are second-to-none. If you haven't gotten around to venturing them, or even if you have, this is a good chance to take some time to explore them. Instead of taking your vehicle to go to an activity far away, take a bike ride or a hike on the scenic Fox River Trail or any trail near you. You'll be doing something good for your health while taking the time to admire the beautiful scenery that St. Charles has to offer.

5. Bring Your Own Reusable Bag While Shopping

If you are planning on getting groceries or taking a shopping trip this week, remember to bring a reusable bag to carry all your goods in. This limits the use of waste, especially in plastics that tend to end up in landfills. If you don't have a reusable bag, now is a fantastic time to go purchase one. This way, you'll always a bag that you can use for when you go shopping at one of the great shops in town.

What is Your Favorite Outdoor Activity in St. Charles, Illinois?

  • Venturing the Trails

  • Getting on the Fox River

  • Enjoying the Local Parks

  • Exploring the Forest Preserves

6. Visit the Farmers Market

On Friday's at the Baker Memorial United Methodist Church, there is a wonderful Farmer's Market where you can purchase an array of local items. Here, you'll come across fresh produce, meats, plants, and other many other products all from local artisans. Farmer's Markets are always a fun community event, and it's a terrific opportunity to catch up with friends while shopping in a way that's eco-friendly and supports sustainable agriculture.

7. Kayak, Canoe, or Pedal Boat on the Water

Soak up all of St. Charles' outdoor scenery from the middle of the Fox River! If you have a canoe or a kayak, this is a great time to make a splash and cruise the river - being an eco-friendly method of traveling the water, as it won't disrupt the local eco-systems. If you don't have one, that's okay too! You can join in on the water fun by renting a kayak or pedal boat from the Riverview Miniature Golf Course in Pottawatomie Park starting in the middle of May.

8. Have a Trash Cleanup at a Local Park

Spend a day or two this week and head towards one of the local parks to cleanup trash. This is an excellent way to spend some quality time outdoors (especially being at one of our amazing St. Charles parks) and to help the community by creating a clean environment for both people and animals. Gather a few friends and make an afternoon out of it! Then, go celebrate your good deed by biking downtown to one of the local sweets stores such as Kimmer's Ice Cream or Rocket Fizz. Looking for a park near you? Visit the St. Charles Park District's website to find all the parks throughout the city.

9. Install a Bird Feeder at Home

Watching birds can be a lot of fun - seeing them nest, eat, play - it's ideal having them right outside your door. Attract the birds to you by putting up a bird feeder in your yard or outside of your window. If you need to purchase one, you can get yours at St. Charles Hardware. Sure, this is a fun activity, but did you know that doing this can also be great for the planet? Often, seed-eating birds will drop the seeds from feeders in flight, which in turn, actually helps grow plants and revitalize ecosystems!

10. Admire the Nature Around at a Forest Preserve

A great way to celebrate Earth Day is to simply take in all this planet has to offer. Visit one of the forest preserves in St. Charles, such as LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve or Hoscheit Woods Forest Preserve, and take in all the scenic beauty. Spring is an exceptional season to go, too, as you'll be able to witness all the blooming flowers and plants that will really make you appreciate the natural features of this city.

Looking for more ways to practice sustainability, especially while traveling? View our Sustainable Travel Page to find more tips on how you can be eco-friendly and keep our planet green!


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