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STC Six Raises Over $4,000 for Non-Profit

Recently, a brand new collaboration was brewed up here in St. Charles between ourselves, and six local breweries. This collaborative effort was to deliver a beer that was made and sold right here in St. Charles, and to raise money for a great cause. We are happy to report that this effort was a success! We saw this not only at the launch party on June 15, 2022 when Riverlands Brewing Company was packed full of people, but from the amount of support from the community that purchased the beer.

Of course, we want to start and thank our six amazing breweries who made this all possible. They are:

106 S. Riverside Ave, St. Charles, IL

(630) 549-7372

12 S. First St, St. Charles, IL

(331) 901-5949

1860 Dean St, Unit A, St. Charles, IL

(630) 549-6293

1825 Lincoln Highway, St. Charles, IL

(630) 549-0332

303 N. 4th St, Suite A, St. Charles, IL

(773) 203-2325

225 W. Main St, St. Charles, IL

(630) 377-1338

These breweries worked incredibly together and were able to craft the STC Six - an amber lager with caramel malt, subtle spicy noble hops and a light citrus flavor. Once complete, it was distributed for all six breweries for purchase. The results from the event were fantastic: the beer review was great and over $4,000 of the sales went towards the Tri-City Health Partnership. The Tri-City Health Partnership is a non-profit in St. Charles that offers free medical and dental services to residents of Kane County that may not have the ability to pay for said services otherwise. It was truly remarkable to see the community and breweries come together to support an amazing organization!

Tri-City Health Partnership Executive Director, Kim Lamansky, receiving the STC Six check from Broken Brix Homebrew Shop owner, Ed Seaman

The STC Six beer also found a way into other local St. Charles businesses. Magnolia Soap and Bath Co. also were able to use the STC Six beer to create bars of soap as well.

This local collaboration also found its way into some headlines. NBC 5 covered the STC Six on their segment on May 13. You can watch the video below or visit the article here!

While this event has come to an end, keep an eye out for similar collaborations in the future! Having local St. Charles businesses come together to support a great cause is wonderful, and it truly embodies what the St. Charles community is all about.

For more information on Alliance activities, check out our Facebook, Instagram, newsletters or website for all of our info! If you want to find out ways you can contribute to the Tri City Health Partnership, you can visit their website at


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