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St. Charles, IL Shopping Weekend Itinerary

Get ready to take part in every shopping-enthusiast's dream: a shopping spree throughout St. Charles, IL. On this trip, you're going to explore tons of different stores, discovering incredible products at every turn that you make. Make sure to have your wallet or purse handy because this is going to be the ultimate shopping experience.


Breakfast at Arcedium Coffeehouse

In order to have all the energy you'll need to visit the stores on this two-day trip, you're going to need some coffee. Arcedium Coffeehouse freshly roasts their beans daily and have specialty drinks you're sure to enjoy. If you fall in love with their beans, you can purchase some in-store to take home to brew yourself. It only makes sense to start this trip off with a purchase!

Self-Care Shopping

Photo #1 Courtesy of Kilwins, Photo #2 & #4 Courtesy of MION Artisan Soap, Photo #3 Courtesy of Smallcakes, Photo #5 Courtesy of @Rachelkawate, Photo #6 Courtesy of Magnolia Soap & Bath Co.

Now that you've added some pep in your step from the coffee, it's time to hit the stores - starting off with some shopping that will make you feel your very best! You can purchase handmade, plant-based soaps from Magnolia Soap & Bath Co., who has been blessing St. Charles, IL with their amazing scents since 2021. Or, stop by MION Artisan Soap - a family owned business that started as just a table at local Farmer's Markets, and has since evolved into two brick and mortar locations. They sell high-quality soap, bath products, and much more. When you've completed your purchases from these stores, go buy a treat from Kilwins, like their famous Mackinac Island Fudge! If a scrumptious miniature cake is what you are after, you can never go wrong with heading over to Smallcakes to choose from one of their wide selections of cupcakes!

Unwind after your morning shopping with a midday meal at The Wine Exchange. Relax on their outdoor patio with one of their gourmet boards and dips, or with one of their flatbreads while sipping on a glass of wine. Then, browse their extensive selection of bottles and pick up a couple to savor at a later date!

Apparel Shopping

Photos #1 & #4 Courtesy of Brigette Burgman of Nomadic Soul Photography, Photo #2 Courtesy of Boutique Baby, Photo #3 Courtesy of Double Take Consignment

Now that your stomach is full and your taste buds are happy, get back out there and continue shopping! You'll need some brand-new outfits for the remainder of your trip, and luckily, St. Charles, IL has some shops that can help you out with just that. Start off at Jeans & A Cute Top Shop where you can find that perfect pair of women's jeans as well as stylish tops, fashionable jackets, and unique accessories. Once you've picked out something for yourself, head across the street to find something for your child at Boutique Baby. Here, you can be assured that you are coming across the highest-quality clothing, toys, and more for children. Every product in the store has been tested by the owner herself, so you know what you're getting is the very best for your kid! Next stop on the list is Double Take Consignment located right on Main Street. This large store (5,400 square feet!) is filled to the brim with clothing and accessories - and with new products arriving, you never know what you'll stumble across!

End your day enjoying a meal and admiring the beautiful Fox River at Alter Brewing + Kitchen. Grab a pint of their award-winning craft beer and indulge in a meal from their food menu. Before you head out, stop by the front of the establishments to pick out your very own Alter Brewing + Kitchen shirt! This way, you'll always remember your time at one of the very best breweries in the area.

Day 2

Breakfast at Coroco Coffee

Photos Courtesy of Coroco Coffee

You did a lot of shopping during day one of this trip, but to get through all the remainder that will happen during day two, you're going to need more coffee. Prepare yourself with a cup of coffee from Coroco Coffee - a female-owned boutique coffee roastery on 1st Street. While you enjoy your morning brew, you can shop for the equipment you'll need if you are looking to start brewing your own coffee right at home!

Furniture Shopping

Photo #1 Courtesy of House of Charlemagne, Photo #2 Courtesy of The Pep Line, Photo #3 & #6 Courtesy of Trend + Relic, Photo #4 Courtesy of SG Too, Photo #5 Courtesy of Circa Vintage Gallery

On this morning's agenda, you are going to search for new furniture for your home! With some of the finest home-goods stores around, this won't be a tough task whatsoever. Begin your adventure at House of Charlemagne - brand-new to St. Charles, IL opened in 2023. You'll find beautifully refinished furniture pieces that will undoubtedly liven up your living area! Then, venture to the Century Corners of St. Charles, famously known for all the wonderful shops. The Pep Line is located here, and their experts can help you find everything you'll need to refresh your home. If you're looking for that certain vintage piece, stop inside SG Too or Circa Vintage Gallery. You'll across unique home décor that you simply cannot find anywhere else, plus much more on top of that! After your time in the Century Corners, make your way east of downtown to Trend + Relic. They are home to around 50 different vendor spaces, all showcasing the talents of artisans, builders, refinishers, and painters. After purchasing a few pieces here, your home is sure to be elevated to the next level.

Now that your morning of shopping has concluded, you'll need to reignite your shopping enthusiasm with lunch. Townhouse Books & Cafe has you covered with fresh sandwiches and soups that are made from scratch daily. If there is a little wait for your table, take that time to browse their bookstore that's connected to the cafe. This is a great opportunity to snag that novel you've been meaning to dive into to enjoy after your day of shopping.

More Shopping

Photo #1 & #2 Courtesy of Brigette Burgman of Nomadic Soul Photography, Photo #3 Courtesy of Antique Market 1, Photo #4 Courtesy of Industrial Treasures

For the last homestretch of your shopping spree, you're going to search for some more fun items! Start with a scare by experiencing Ghoulish Mortals. Ghoulish Mortals is Chicagoland's friendliest monster and horror store, loaded with creepy and cool products from spooky artists and vendors. Following that, travel to the Antique Market 1, just a stone's throw away. This is the premier spot for antiques in St. Charles, IL as they offer collectibles, paintings, and more to fill every niche. Industrial Treasures is another St. Charles, IL gem, where you can encounter a variety of perfect conversation pieces from machinery to home décor and just about everything in between. Your last stop will be the Curious Fox Gift Shop located in the St. Charles History Museum. This is the perfect way to end your trip, as this store is loaded with St. Charles, IL keepsakes so you can always remember your shopping spree getaway weekend.

Dinner at El Puente

Photos Courtesy of El Puente

Finish your St. Charles, IL shopping spree with a fiesta by visiting El Puente situated downtown. This St. Charles staple has been serving up delicious Mexican cuisine for over 20 years, and offer wonderful Margaritas that are terrific to close out your trip. Pair that beverage with your favorite Mexican dish and you're sure to be satisfied every time. Before you go, make one last purchase and pick up a growler of their margarita so you can enjoy the tasty drink at home!


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