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Love what you listen to in St. Charles

On almost any night during the week, St. Charles hums with the incredible live music happening throughout the town. Genres such as jazz, acoustic, rock and more can be found around town at different St. Charles restaurants and venues! If you’re a live music connoisseur then St. Charles is the place for you! Come find what you’ll love to listen to at some highlighted venues here in St. Charles.

Arcada Theatre

No St. Charles live music list would be taken seriously if the Arcada Theatre wasn’t on it. The King of all St. Charles music venues brings in Hollywood level entertainment! The theatre features new and incredible renovations that are bringing this historic, 900-seat theatre into 2021 stronger than ever to provide listeners with electric performances that make you feel like you’re in the front row no matter where you sit. Check out their new additions such as Rock ‘N Za, Rock ‘N Ravioli, and BarCada to get the whole experience!

Club Arcada

Also located in the Arcada Theatre is Club Arcada, a 1920’s speakeasy-themed venue that also brings in high quality musicians and entertainment. Come in your 1920’s themed attire or however you’d like, enjoy great food and drinks and get out there and swing dance if you know how! You’ll find an unforgettable experience that will have you ready to come back for more!

Pollyanna Brewing Co.

Right behind the Arcada is another venue that is upping their music game. Pollyanna Brewing Co. has been a favorite of downtown since they first opened in 2019. Not only does Pollyanna have incredible brews, but music to match it. They recently launched their live music program – Pollyanna Music – with performances from four-time Grammy award winners. They are continuing the momentum with more performances and ticketed events in their stellar brewery. Make sure to check out Pollyanna Music to find all the upcoming performances!

Eden Restaurant & Events

Over to the west side of the river is a new mecca for music and Mediterranean food. Enter Eden Restaurant & Events who recently built an incredible screened patio that is perfect for a night out to enjoy quality, diverse music and delicious Mediterranean dishes. Check out their Facebook for upcoming music performances.

Evergreen Pub & Grill

What’s better than an outdoor patio, upscale pub food and drinks with weekly specials and live music? Evergreen makes live music fun with music bingo on Friday nights and karaoke on Saturday nights. Touch up on your music knowledge and warm up those vocal cords for a fun night at Evergreen Pub & Grill.

Visit our website for a weekly list of venues hosting live music.


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