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Grab Your Camera and Head to One of the New Murals in Downtown St. Charles, IL

Finding that photo-worthy spot can be a challenge. It needs to have an exceptional backdrop, be colorful and vibrant, and most of all, showcase the location where you're at. Fortunately, we've just installed two brand-new murals downtown that check the box on all of that criteria. Take a look below at some of the most Instagrammable spots in St. Charles, IL where you can snap that perfect photo.

Welcome to St. Charles *New*

The first of the two brand new murals - "Welcome to St. Charles" is the prime picturesque location to flaunt that you're here in this city, especially if you're visiting from out of town. Standing right in the center, you'll be completely surrounded by colorful elements that help make St. Charles so wonderful, such as live music, restaurants, Paddlewheel Riverboats, shopping, and so much more.

Location: 214 S. 1st Street, St. Charles, IL (Facing Mio Modo)

Meet Me at the Fox *New*

One of the more note-worthy natural features in St. Charles is the Fox River, so it only makes sense that this second new mural revolves around it. On "Meet Me at the Fox", you'll notice the water, vibrant greenery, as well as a handful of popular outdoor activities that you can enjoy by the water including biking, running, and kayaking. This is a great spot for anyone to take a photo at, but if you're in outdoor enthusiast, it's simply a must.

Location: 51 S. 1st Street, St. Charles, IL

Radiate Positivity

When you're visiting St. Charles, IL, it's important to leave all that negativity behind and channel all the best vibes. Standing in the middle of "Radiate Positivity", you'll have the positivity beaming off you that you can then share to your followers!

Location: 7 S. 2nd Avenue, St. Charles, IL

You Made It!

When you see the "You Made It" mural, you'll know your in the right place - St. Charles. This pleasant greeting welcomes you to downtown with graphics of colorful flowers, the Fox River, and of course, a clever Fox.

Location: 311 N. 2nd Avenue, St. Charles, IL

Where Are Your Favorite Places to Take A Photo in St. Charles, IL?

  • By the Fox River

  • In Front of a Downtown Mural

  • At a Forest Preserve

  • Enjoying a Local Business

You Look Good

This mural speaks nothing but the truth! Show off to your friends by capturing a photo in front of "You Look Good", with a backdrop filled with an array of colors, beautiful flowers, and a nice little positive affirmation. Reminder: this mural has a brand new location on Riverside Avenue! Click the button below to get directions.

Location: 16 S. Riverside Avenue, St. Charles, IL

Meet the Artist: Steffi Lynn

All of these murals were designed by New York artist, Steffi Lynn. She has worked with an impressive list of clients that include Chipotle, Samsung, Volkswagen, and many more. Her work is filled to the brim with quirkiness, color, and character - and that certainly shines through all of her works of art that call St. Charles home.

Mural Challenge Giveaway

Photo #2 Courtesy of @rachelkawate

Want to win the water bottle you see above? Well, you're in luck! In honor of the installations of the two new murals, the St. Charles Business Alliance is hosting a giveaway that can be found on the Travel St. Charles App. It's super easy to participate - simply locate the "Mural Challenge" on the app and "check-in" to all five of Steffi Lynn's mural locations around downtown. Once completed, you'll be able to pick up your very own water bottle from the St. Charles Municipal Center between Monday and Friday from 8am to 1pm. This giveaway is for a limited time only!

Still can't get enough of the picture-perfect spots in St. Charles? Download our Travel St. Charles App and take part in our Instagrammable Spots Tour! This self-guided tour will take you all around downtown to the very best locations to capture that flawless shot. Trust us, your followers are sure to be very impressed.

Before you head off for your photoshoot in front of one of these amazing murals, you'll have to make sure that you're looking your very best. Click here to view the spas and salons in St. Charles here, and see for yourself how they can make you look and feel better than ever.


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