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Celebrate Cinco De Mayo in St. Charles, Illinois

Cinco De Mayo - a celebration of Mexican heritage and a fantastic time to learn more about the rich culture. While Mexican culture is so much more than tacos and tequila, it is however, a great opportunity to savor the flavors of the cuisine while supporting a local restaurant. We encourage everyone to try one of these wonderful spots below.

Photos Courtesy of Arandas Jalisco Tacos

If you're a fan of guacamole, then you'll love Arandas Jalisco's Tacos. Their guac is prepared fresh daily, making it the ideal topping for their chips, tostadas, burritos and more! For a crunchy twist on the typical soft flour or corn tortillas, try their Tacos Dorados - a fried taco that is sure to satisfy those taste buds. Each bite of their food is filled with the bold and spicy flavors of Jalisco Style and will leave you craving for more.

Photos Courtesy of Burrito Los Azaderos

If you're looking to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with some mouth-watering flavors, look no further than Burrito Los Azaderos. Their wide selection of tequila is sure to satisfy, while their menu contains classic Mexican dishes including some seafood options like their Huachinango Al Ajillo (fried tilapia topped with garlic and guajillo chili). For a sizzling hot meal fresh off the skillet, their Fajitas, rice, and beans are a go-to,

Photos Courtesy of Dave's Burritos

For those seeking a place to celebrate east of downtown, head to Dave's Burritos! As the name suggests, they offer some incredible burritos, one of which being their Swiss Burrito - complete with your choice of meat, beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and sour cream, all covered with melted cheese on top. But that's not all - they also offer plenty of other classic dishes, such as enchiladas, chimichangas, and more. Make sure to grab a refreshing Mexican Coke or a Jarritos that will go great with your meal!

Photos Courtesy of El Puente

El Puente - a family-owned and operated, two-generation business that has been serving authentic Mexican cuisine and world-class margaritas to St. Charles for over 20 years. While their margaritas are second-to-none, you have to try their Enchiladas Mexicanas - two chicken enchiladas smothered in their Mole sauce, along with an order of their Dress Jalapeño Peppers. Before you leave, make sure to grab a growler of margarita so you can enjoy it at home!

Photos Courtesy of El Rayo Burritos Guacamole

Known for their vibrant green building and unique mirrored ceiling, El Rayo Burritos Guacamole is a cozy eatery that serves some of the finest Mexican cuisine in the area, which includes their Horchatas that are refreshing, sweet, and will pair nicely with your meal. Whether you're in the mood for taco dinners, enchiladas, tortas, or other classic staples, El Rayo Burritos Guacamole is the perfect spot to celebrate Cinco De Mayo.

Located right off the Fox River Trail is the Jalapeño Grille, a local gem with striking murals painted on the outside walls that makes the building hard to miss. In addition to it's eye-catching exterior, this restaurant offers exceptional food that will hit the spot after exploring the trails. If you find yourself looking for a bite to eat in the morning, The Jalapeño Grille opens at 8am, and offers Huevos Rancheros, Chilaquiles, and other breakfast favorites.

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In the mood for a fusion of traditional Mexican food with a contemporary twist? If so, then La Mesa Modern Mexican is the place to be. Not only is their food exceptional, but they also boast a wide variety of tequilas, cocktails, and terrific margaritas. Their taco selection are a must-try, ranging from classic styles like Al Pastor to more unique styles like their Elote Crusted Shrimp Tacos. To top it off, they have an extensive selection of salsas and guac, making it an excellent destination for indulging in chips before your meal.

Photos Courtesy of Los Burritos Mexicanos

If you're craving authentic Mexican dishes and delicious maragritas, Los Burritos Mexicanos is the spot for you! Being one of their three locations in the area, you can enjoy their extensive menu featuring huge burritos, a variety of tacos, homemade tamales, and so much more. If you're up early, you're in luck! They open at 8am on weekends, so you can head over early and take advantage of their fantastic breakfast offerings, like their Huevos Con Chorizo.

Photos Courtesy of Salsa Verde

Salsa Verde is a family-owned restaurant that has perfected the art of providing delicious Mexican food. It goes to show, too, as they have multiple locations in the Chicago West Suburbs and Indiana. Living up to their name, their Salsa Verde is creamy, spicy, and goes good on just about anything - whether it be their tacos (that you can get American, Mexican Style, or even Vegan) tortas, burritos, or another one of their tasty offerings.

Photos Courtesy of Taco Madre

Originally opened in 2014 with its first location in Montgomery, Illinois, Taco Madre has expanded to five locations across the county, one of which being in St. Charles. The restaurant prides itself on using only the freshest ingredients in its dishes, which range from traditional Mexican entrees, classic street tacos, and their signature "Madre Style Tacos", and more. They even offer a Vegan Soychorizo Taco for those following a plant-based diet. To end your meal, grab an order of their Dulce De Leche Churros that are sure to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Photos Courtesy of Tacos Del Valle

Discover Tacos Del Valle north of downtown St. Charles right alongside Route 25. Their quaint establishment is packed with big flavors, and we are sure that you will agree. Their menu offers a variety of dishes, ranging from chimichangas to their popular steak tacos, and just about everything in between. If you're in the mood for breakfast, they have an array of Mexican breakfast options and open as early as 10am.

Looking for more great spots to try around St. Charles? Read up on our Dining Guide to learn all about the wonderful culinary options that this city has to offer.


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