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2023 Made in St. Charles Recipient: Warwick Publishing

Extra! Extra! Come read all about Warwick Publishing, a St. Charles-based company that prints promotional materials and more. Warwick was founded in 1881 as a small, local newspaper company known as The Valley Chronicle. The company then continued to grow, changing names to Warwick in the late 1990s after they sold the newspaper operations. During that time, Warwick changed to calendar production, as well as paper-based items for the promotional industry.

While they may not be helping make the news with newspaper production, they are making the news with their stellar achievements. In 2021, they earned the Advertising Specialty Institute's 2021 Supplier Family Business of the Year, beating out other businesses from around the country.

Today, Warwick continues to make calendars, while also making greeting cards, certificates and awards, frames and folders and more. They are led by father-son duo Rob and Alex Paschal, who are the fourth and fifth-generation owners of the company. For more information, please visit


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