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2023 Made in St. Charles Recipient: United Laboratories

Dedicated to making the world safer through chemistry, United Laboratories has created quite the reaction in their industry. Founded in 1964, United Laboratories is an employee-owned manufacturing company that specializes in maintenance, repair and operations of chemical products. Their product line includes over 400 chemical formulations, of which many of these products can been found in places such as government facilities, hospitals and healthcare, water and wastewater treatment plants, school, universities, and refineries.

From their St. Charles headquarters - located at 320 37th Avenue - they continue to push their industry with continuous innovations and patented technologies. A major example of how they push their industry is having the world's largest green product line since 1992. This can be found in their product lines, Earth Smart Acid and Smart Solve Products, which provide safer alternatives to other common acid products that are detrimental to the environment.

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