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5 Reasons Why Your Next Trip Needs to be to St. Charles, IL

Here at the St. Charles Business Alliance, we can effortlessly think of countless reasons that you need to visit St. Charles, IL. Whether you're planning on getting away for a week, or even just looking to take a day-trip, we are here to show you why this city needs to be on your radar for upcoming getaway destinations. Trust us, with just one trip, you're going to fall in love with the Pride of the Fox just as we have.

1. Community Events

Sure, you can have fun exploring St. Charles by yourself or with friends and family, but have you ever thought about experiencing all this town has to offer side by side with numerous members of the community? Throughout the year, there are plenty of community events that you can take part in in celebration. These events draw individuals not only from St. Charles, but from all over the Chicagoland Area, as well. From the award-winning Scarecrow Weekend that has been a tradition for almost 40 years, to the Fine Art Show that brings in extremely talented artists from all across the country, these events are truly unique and memorable for everyone who attends. To view all the events that the St. Charles Business Alliance puts on, please click here.

2. Live Music

If you find yourself taking a stroll through downtown St. Charles on a beautiful evening, chances are that you will probably hear the sounds of live music in the air...coming from multiple directions. This town is a hub for live music, boasting an array of performances not just on weekends, but on weekdays, too. You'll frequently hear live tunes being played at many of the restaurants in town, and you can catch a terrific performance at one of the theatres in town like Moonlight Theatre or the historic Arcada Theatre. The good news is, it's never been easier to find all the music performances, as you can visit our Weekly Live Music Page, or check the Travel St. Charles App to find where your favorite artists will be playing.

3. The Fox River

The Fox River, a prominent natural feature that flows through the heart of downtown, is truly an awe-inspiring sight to behold. Not only does it offer breathtaking views, but it also allows for countless exciting activities! Looking to make a splash on the water? Rent a kayak or canoe from the Riverview Miniature Golf Course, or cast a line and see just how big of a Bass you can reel in! If you prefer to enjoy the water from a distance, you can venture down the Fox River Trail on a bike or by foot. This picturesque path has stunning views all along the way, stretching from Oswego to Algonquin. Even just spending an afternoon having a picnic alongside the water can be a blast for everyone of all ages, as having the scenic view of the water will make your meal truly special.

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4. Public Art

Did you know: St. Charles is home to over 180 pieces of public art? That's right, St. Charles' prevalent art scene is something that we are extremely proud to have, and is sure to be something you will enjoy too! Take a trip to Mt. St. Mary Park and view the incredible sculptures in the park, or revamp your Instagram page and take some photos at one of the vibrant murals downtown. While you're at it, you might as well check-in to each of the locations on the Mural Challenge hosted on the Travel St. Charles App. This way, you not only get your great photos, but you'll also receive a limited-edition mural-inspired water bottle that you can pick up from the Municipal Building once you've completed the challenge!

5. The Community

While all the reasons listed above on why you should visit St. Charles are fantastic ones, the one reason that really sticks out is the community itself. The people that call St. Charles home are the main ingredient for what makes this town so special. From the individuals who volunteer their time at community events, to the patrons that continuously support our wonderful businesses - St. Charles simply wouldn't be the same without them and that's one aspect of this city that we couldn't be prouder of. Without a doubt, when you come to St. Charles to see for yourself, we can assure you that you will feel the exact same way.

Now that you're sold on why you should visit St. Charles, it's time to start planning more things to do! Our brand-new Destination Guide is the ultimate resource to finding great things this town has to offer, and is key for your planning your trip. Click here to see for yourself!


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