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Eat Around the World Without Leaving St. Charles, IL

All across the world, there are countless unique flavors and culinary styles that are just waiting for you to try. However, it simply isn't practical to pick up everything to leave and travel the globe just so you can experience those tastes. Luckily, due to the exceptional dining scene in St. Charles, you can enjoy plenty of diverse restaurants without ever leaving this town. Take a look below to begin your journey!

Photos Courtesy of The Graceful Ordinary

For your first stop on this journey we are going to focus on food right from home. American cuisine blends the cooking techniques and flavors from many different regions. There are so many different styles of American cuisine that it can be tough to pinpoint exactly what characteristics make it up. The renowned, award-winning Graceful Ordinary, situated by the beautiful Fox River in downtown St. Charles, does an excellent job at melding them all together, using seasonal ingredients cooked on a wood-burning fire to create masterpieces. With such a gorgeous interior, and service that is second-to-none, it's no wonder that this establishment gets rave reviews and plenty of critical accolades.

Photos Courtesy of Taste of Himalayas

Next, we are going to move to the other side of the globe - India! The flavors in Indian cuisine are so diverse, but what makes it so special is that they all work together in perfect harmony to create a taste that can't be matched. Taste of Himalayas, recipient of the Kane County Chronicle's Best of The Fox's "Best Indian Food" year after year, specializes in traditional Nepalese and Indian food. They serve wonderful dishes like their mildly spiced Chicken Makhani, or their Tandoori Prawn marinated in yogurt, just to name a few. If you're looking to avoid meat, they offer plenty of vegetarian dishes that will accommodate your diet, like their Vegetable Samosas or their Vegetable Biryani.

Photos Courtesy of McNally's Irish Pub & Kitchen

Now, let's continue our trip by going to the continent of Europe, and more specifically, Ireland. A St. Charles staple for over 25 years, every time that you walk through the front doors of McNally's Irish Pub & Kitchen, it feels like you've been instantly transported overseas to the Emerald Isle. The atmosphere inside is excellent, resembling the look of a traditional Irish Pub. However, the star of the show is their food and drink. You can order many classic Irish favorites like a plate of fish n' chips and bangers and mash. Whatever you choose to order, you can pair it alongside one of the best Guiness's that you can find in the area, or a drink from their impressive selection of whiskey. A meal here is always an excellent time, making it a must-stop for out-of-town visitors and locals alike.

For the time being, we are going to stay in Europe. However, we are going to shift gears towards "La Bella Italia". In St. Charles, it isn't a tough task to find a spectacular restaurant that specializes in Italian cuisine, just like at La Za'Za' Trattoria. You can never go wrong spending your evening here, whether you're out with celebrating with family or if you're taking a romantic night out. Aside from this being a top-spot in town for dinner, they also have a brand new "Aperitivo Hour" where you can get spectacular deals after a long day in the office. From Monday-Thursday from 4pm-6pm, you can enjoy $7 GL House Wines, $5 Red GL Red Sangria, $35 Carafes Red Sangria, $8 Classic Cocktails, $9 Signature Cocktails, and $3 Domestic Beers.

Japanese - moto imoto

Photos Courtesy of moto imoto

After you've got your fill of some European cuisine, let's hop on a plane and head to Asia! When Japanese food comes to mind, one can't help but to think about Sushi. At moto imoto, they craft a variety of both signature rolls and classic rolls to choose from that don't only taste great, but look beautiful, too! During the week for lunch, they have an incredible Bento Box Lunch Special where you can choose from a specified entrée, your choice of rice, house salad or miso soup, and a choice between an Avocado Roll, California Roll, and a Spicy Tuna Roll for $16 or $18 (depending on the chosen entrée). This is the perfect option for your midday meal that will also give you something to look forward to while you're working hard in the office.

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Korean - Fry n' Wings

Photos Courtesy of Fry n' Wings

Moving on over to the neighboring country to the west, it's time to stop by Korea. St. Charles is home to an establishment that makes wonderful Korean Fried Chicken Wings - Fry n' Wings! If you're not familiar, Korean Fried Chicken Wings is the perfect marriage between Asian and American flavors, and with sauces to choose from like Mango Sriracha, Asian Cajun, and Carolina Gold, you won't be able to put them down. However, wings are not the only things you can order at this recently opened business. While you're there, you can also try their chicken sandwiches, rice, fried corn, and much more that will leave your taste buds feeling happier than ever.

Mediterranean - Eden Restaurant & Events

Photos Courtesy of Eden Restaurant & Events

The next stop on our list is to region that spans over three continents, known as the Mediterranean region. The fare from this region consists of flavors that come from many different locations that all surround the Mediterranean Sea. At Eden Restaurant & Events in St. Charles, they have a similar setup, as you can enjoy a meal next to another body of water - The Fox River. They have an indoor/outdoor patio with an excellent view of this river, all while you have some of their terrific food and creative cocktails. We recommend that you order their hummus - a very popular dish from this region. You can also try the unique flavors from their large selection of tapas, dips, flatbreads, and bites from the grill, too!

Our foodie adventure is leading us back to North America for the next two locations, starting with a country that's south of the border - Mexico! This country is known for their excellent cuisine, and La Mesa Modern Mexican solidifies that statement with their dishes that are created with a unique, modern twist! Their menu is jam-packed with incredible flavors that are carefully crafted, and one of the best tequila selections in the entire Chicagoland suburbs. If deals is something that you're always in search for when you eat out, then you're in luck! You can quench your thirst with their 1/2 off Margaritas on Mondays, and take advantage of a special deal on tacos during their Taco Tuesday!

The Great North - Dukes Northwoods

Photos Courtesy of Dukes Northwoods

Grab your jacket and take a trip up to the woodlands (actually, just to downtown St. Charles) and try the flavors of the great north at Dukes Northwoods. This "Wisconsin-themed" gastropub is both Bears and Packers fan friendly (as long as you don't mind a few pictures of Lambeau Field hanging up). Try popular Northern staples while you catch all of the latest sports action, like their Fish Fry, Bratwurst, or delectable Cheese Curds. If you're a fan of craft beers, you can't leave without ordering their Speckled Calf Beer. Speckled Calf Beer was created by Crystal Lake Brewing specifically for Dukes Northwoods, and it's sure to quench your thirst every time you take a sip!

Vietnamese - Pho 95

For the last destination of our food journey, we are going to make one last trip to Asia. Pho 95 serves some of the best Vietnamese dishes around. Now that the weather has started to cool off, nothing beats savoring a delicious bowl of their warm Pho. They have both meat and vegetarian Pho options, so you regardless of your dietary restrictions, you'll be able to enjoy this classic dish. Along with the soup, you can pair it with one of their many appetizers, like their spring rolls, or a Vietnamese Sandwich - Banh Mi. So, step out of the blustery weather and head into Pho 95 for a satisfying meal that is sure to warm your stomach!

These are just a few of the many places around town to find these international cuisines. To learn more about the restaurant options in St. Charles, please click here to read our Dining Guide for all things food in this city.


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