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10 Things to Do for Under $20 in St. Charles

St. Charles is home to a variety of restaurants and fun things to do. On top of that, St. Charles offers many activities where you don't have to spend anything over $20. Here are some of the best places to check out that will give any visitor or resident the most bang for their buck!

For under $10 you can compete with your travel partners or just play a round to relax the mind. The course is located right on the beautiful Fox River and will test your golf game with a creative course set up that will ensure a ton of fun. Don't worry, if the round gets the best of you, feel free to dive right into the snack shack right after to feed your hunger or change your mood with a variety of sweet options!

Looking to discover the scenic side of St. Charles? Go to LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve for free and take in the variety of trails as well as different historical landmarks such as the Pioneer Schols School and the Durant-Peterson House Museum. If you're simply looking to take in the beautiful nature, then you can also enjoy Ferson Creek which runs through the forest preserve all the way down to the Fox River! No matter which season you visit, it will always provide a sight you won't forget.

Take in the historic Fox River on a 45-minute tour Paddlewheel Riverboat Tour. While passing through, you can see the everlasting nature and different sights and sounds that are along the free-flowing river. Take it all in with a great rundown of the history and facts that come along with this fun filled float.

Photos courtesy of Smitty's on the Corner

Now let's get to the food spots of historic downtown St. Charles! For an affordable price tag, take a trip to Smitty's on the Corner and enjoy one of the top lunch spots in the St. Charles area. From gourmet deli sandwiches to hot sandwiches and soups with a variety of other sides they have it all! You can take it to go and find a spot downtown to enjoy your lunch at one of our many different parks, or even eat inside the classic indoor dining area.

Photo #1 courtesy of Kimmer's, Photo #2 courtesy of Brigette Burgman of Nomadic Soul Photography

After your lunch at Smitty's take a short walk to Kimmer's Ice Cream. If you can't pick a flavor of ice cream that you like the most, don't worry - Kimmer's will have one for you! If you're not feeling a scoop, then feel free to choose one of the many sundaes or shakes. Go for any type of cone or dish and take in the sweetness of Kimmer's Ice Cream.

While you're in town, you might as well get a full rundown of the history of the great City of St. Charles. Go in and get lost in the different historic backgrounds of the origins and upbringings of the town. Interact with the variety of different exhibits. After you have learned the deep history of St. Charles feel free to stop at the Curious Fox Gift Shop located in the History Museum.

There's almost nothing that makes someone feel younger than stopping in a candy shop. If you're still feeling sweets, then take a walk downtown and find yourself at Rocket Fizz Candy Shop. This place has every type of candy one can imagine. From gourmet sodas to anything sweet. Don't hesitate to get lost in this candy land.

Photos Courtesy of Classic Cinemas

Sometimes a trip to the movies is all you need to help relax. Head to Charlestowne 18 movie theatre for a movie and some classic theatre snacks. Get comfortable in the reclining chairs and get lost in whatever movie you have decided to pick for that evening or day. Don't like any of the new movies coming out? That's not an issue as there are classic films being shown on a variety of days of the week!

Photos courtesy of Arandas Jalisco Tacos

If you're feeling a taste for some OUTSTANDING authentic Mexican food for a cost-effective price, then head to Arandas Jalisco Tacos. With a menu full of Mexican cuisine, it will give you a full experience of tastefulness. Enjoy some of the best authentic Mexican around town and get the best bang for your buck! The service is quick and efficient, so it's not hard on your time, or wallet!

Don't worry about spending a dime at this park. Take a break and enjoy an awesome time. This park has a playground as well as sculptures! This gives you the option to either take the kids to the playground or if they're not feeling that, then take a scenic walk around the many sculptures in place.


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