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St. Charles, IL is a thriving destination and a home for the passionate dreamers, the creative innovators, and the brave trailblazers who are forging their own paths with original products.

The Made in St. Charles program was created to shine the spotlight on these businesses and celebrate their products they make in St. Charles. Businesses may be nominated or self-nominated to the program. All applications can be sent to Nate Wendt at and must be sent before Friday, July 26th for consideration by the St. Charles Business Alliance's Business Development and Sales Committee.

For more information on the program and to see businesses who have been selected to the Made in St. Charles program in previous years, please click one of the buttons below.

Who can be nominated for the Made in St. Charles program?

To be considered for the Made in St. Charles program, a business must embody the personal spirit of St. Charles, demonstrating through their work what makes our city so unique.

Makers exemplify what it means to be a local artisan. They represent the pinnacle of small businesses in St. Charles - offering unique products found only in St. Charles, IL.

They must also have the following qualifications:

  • Located in St. Charles, IL.

  • Must have a brick-and-mortar business with a physical address and be open to the public.

  • Produce crafts, products, and wares in St. Charles.

Examples of Made in St. Charles include:

  • Artisans & Craftspeople

  • Food & Beverage Artisans

  • Handcrafting Shops

Criteria and Guidelines for Recommendations

Makers come in a variety of categories, and, upon confirmation, will be featured in the Made in St. Charles program. While each maker is unique, they all share the same quality and dedication to the St. Charles community spirit and values. To help bring out that quality, we are using these guidelines when considering inclusion in the program:

The maker must reside in Illinois. Some materials and production may be outsourced, but operations and the final product distribution must take place in St. Charles.

Makers must have a brick-and-mortar storefront in St. Charles. Online businesses that are in St. Charles are not applicable.

Please note on all applications locally sourced materials used when creating your products. The more history and personality behind your business, the better.

The St. Charles Business Alliance's Business Development and Sales Committee will carefully review all nominations and select those that best meet the criteria. Inclusion in the Made in St. Charles program is at the sole discretion of the STCBA and the BDS Committee.

For more information or to submit a nomination, please contact Nate Wendt at or 630-443-3963.

Nomination Form

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Made in St. Charles Application

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