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Now Open Series Starts Today

The St. Charles Business Alliance is happy to announce the start of a new video and audio series: the Now Open series, which will explore new St. Charles businesses or businesses that have made significant changes.

Kicking off the series is a business that has been around St. Charles for over 30 years, but has made a new change in location to 803 S. Fifth Ave. This business is none other than Campbell Creations, who handmake amazing charcuterie boards! These boards are one-of-a-kind and the best around. Come see as we talk with owner Shawn Campbell about Campbell Creations and what their plans are in the new space!

Be sure to check out Campbell Creations and all their amazing charcuterie boards on their Facebook Page.

We’ll have more Now Open videos to come so stay tuned to our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube! Or check out our Soundcloud and Spotify to find the audio versions of the episodes.


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