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Wellness Weekend in St. Charles, IL

Day 1:

Getting Settled

After arriving and getting all settled at one of our stellar hotels, the first thing you should do is find some food. Check out moto imoto right on 1st Street for their Pan-Asian cuisine, and an unbeatable Bento Box Lunch deal.

​Take an Evening Bike Ride

If you would rather bike than walk, consider getting a rental bike from Sammy's Bikes in downtown St. Charles. Featuring top-of-the-line bikes, it's the perfect way to get out, ride around on scenic trails and get some terrific exercise.

Top the Day off

To top off your day, head over Forever Yogurt for delicious and healthier dessert options.

Day 2:

Meditation in the Morning

Start off the day by connecting back to your inner self with a trip to Stone Hill Healing Gardens. Find where beauty and serenity intertwine in the gardens. Then head to Larimar Med for a full body message.

​Afternoon Fun

Head over to Pottawatomie Park for some fun. Rent a kayak or pedal boat and make your way north along the Fox River for some great exercise and even better views. You'll also see something unique to St. Charles: the Paddlewheel Riverboats. The Sunset Cruise is the perfect way to unwind with friends.

​Find Your Happy Hour

To begin the end of your day, head downtown for some Happy Hour Specials and an evening on the town. To find all the Happy Hour Specials, visit here. Once you've found some great food, check out our premier destinations for entertainment: the Arcada Theatre and Steel Beam Theatre.

Day 3:

Morning Exercise

To wrap-up your day in St. Charles, get an active start to the day with Green Leaf Yoga Studio for a yoga session or head to Club Pilates for one of the best Pilates sessions you'll find in the area.

​Beneficial Breakfast

After a vigorous, calming morning, head over to Maple Leaf Coffeehouse. They feature organic, healthy options and cold-press juices that pair well with their acai bowls, bringing nutritional, delicious experience that can’t be beat.

Ending the Trip

After your breakfast take a stroll through Mt. St. Mary's Park featuring Sculptures in the park. A gorgeous stroll along the Fox River that includes artwork is the best way to end your trip here.


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